The Velvet Hands: Liam Gallagher, touring and would you rather?!

Recently I caught up with the alternative indie band The Velvet hands who spoke to me about upcoming shows, supporting with Liam Gallagher and general tour life.

The Velvet Hands are a Cornish band made up of Toby Mitchell, Dan Able, Sam Hilder and Louis Mitchell and when their ideas are put to paper they make statement records such as their latest single “This Feeling” which is available on all streaming on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Toby and Dan met when they were at school and started writing songs together when they were just 16. The boys moved to London and solidified their lineup with Sam on bass, who Toby met trying to peddle pilchards on Kilburn highroad. They had ‘fill-in’ drummers for 2 years when Toby finally revealed that his younger brother, Louis was a shredder on the drums. And that’s how they got to where they are today!

So, when I asked how the band get on, especially with siblings in the band they responded with “We actually get along very well. If anyone does anything dumb its usually more funny than aggravating.”

Back in October The Velvet Hands sold out their headline show in Falmouth and went back to play a bigger and better show, which was also a huge success.

“The Falmouth Show In October was sold out and the crowd gave it some, so we are hoping for more of the same! I don’t think we really get nervous of gigs these days; its good to try and get hyped up before playing though.”

And from there, they have just released some new tour dates for March where they are playing Manchester, Brighton, Cardiff and more! As many artists say “London is always a great gig.” Adding to this they also opposed this view by saying “I think we always enjoy the northern dates a bit more, mainly due to every city being close to each other.” Whilst touring they like to have fun and when in Liverpool even went on a mission to find the best pint of Guinness! These lads seem like they have fun on the road.

Since being on the road the boys have created some ‘tour life’ hacks. When I asked them what necessities they can’t live without, they responded with the very basics! That being “A toothbrush and a sleeping bag. Then you’re all set. Don’t need anything more! Apart from enough money to cover fuel and one small bit of food for the day…”

Talking about touring, back in the summer of 2019 they supported Liam Gallagher at a sold out ‘Eden Sessions’ gig with over 6,000 people attending. One of those being me! The atmosphere was electric with The Velvet Hands opening, followed by Fontaines D.C and then the ‘Rock n Roll’ icon Liam Gallagher.

“The last gig we were all nervous for was supporting Liam Gallagher, but it’s different playing in front of 6,000 people! It was brilliant to play to so many new people! We didn’t meet Liam because he got bomb threats on Twitter, so the security was very tight… bomb dogs and all! We met Fontaines; they were nice fellas and I think they had just come off tour supporting Idles!”

As it stands for these guys, they cannot say much about their 2020 ventures, however we are hoping for new music with influences from The Stones, Kinks and Public Access Tv. Their music writing process tends to start with the melodies before writing the lyrics, so we look forward to what is coming from these guys soon!

We ended our interview with a small game of musical ‘Would you rather’! Fun right?!

Would you rather like a genre everyone hates or hate a genre everyone likes?

“I think a genre everyone hates, ever heard of rock music?”

Would you rather listen to Blur or Oasis?

“Out of blur and oasis it’s a tough one, Blur for a night in, oasis for a night out!”

Would you rather listen to Led Zeppelin or Guns n Roses?

“Its gotta be Zeppelin. Not even the biggest fan but Guns and Roses can get in the sea, not having them at all…”

The Velvet Hands new single “This Feeling” is out now. Get your tour tickets on

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