Thomas Headon: 2020, New Music and Harry Styles...

So I recently spoke with the talented 19 year old star Thomas Headon where I asked him questions about his recent tracks, YouTube and 2020 ventures.

It all started when I stumbled across Thomas’ Youtube videos and heard his edgy and unique voice. And here he is now with over 1.8 million views made up of his 2 hit spotify singles ‘Grace’ and ‘Clean Me Up’. I straight away got into the Dms and asked whether I could ask him a few questions about his career, of which I got the humblest response… and here we are now! I hope you enjoy the Q&A and get some insight into what’s happening next year!

How do you balance your passion and career in music with your everyday life?

“Right now it's easy, I'm at a stage in my career where I have so much time and freedom. If I wanna stay in and write all day, then I do that. If I don't, then I don't. Thankfully right now I've nobody breathing down my neck about a contract which states I have to write x amount of songs and produce x amount of content yada yada.”

Musical Inspirations

We then elaborated on his creativity and I asked him about how easy it is to find time to write. He insisted that “music is one of those jobs where you just kinda live everyday and then create when you wanna create”. His laid-back approach is what makes him such a relevant artist, and this also shows especially when it comes to his music inspirations.

When I asked him about his main musical inspirations, he gives most of the credit to his sister saying, “ she got me into about 80% of the music that inspired / inspires me”.

“Like every teenage boy I first started playing guitar and writing thanks to Ed Sheeran's first couple of albums! I was so (and still am) so fascinated by how One Direction literally dominated the planet. That being said as well I think she properly introduced me to the idea of hardcore fanbases, first with 1D, then with Twenty one pilots, then with the 1975, now with Rex Orange County, Harry Styles and Tyler the Creator and so many more. She followed all those bands from such early stages in their careers and me being like 10-11 years old at the time I was like "who the hell is this weird band my sister likes", and now here I am at 19 and I love the 1975 so fucking much. Weird. I really like all of those guys though, in very different ways all of them have shaped me to who I am today.” A very wholesome answer!

Gigs and Festivals

Recently, Thomas played a gig at Camden Assembly for War Child, following in the footsteps of huge names including The 1975 (one of his favourite bands), The Killers and Coldplay. I asked him what is was like to play at such a great venue, aswell as supporting a charity which many artists support.

“Dude it was so fucking nuts! Firstly, it was great to be apart of a gig that helped raise money for charity, but the most important thing was actually posting about it online and having people legitimately turn up to see me. It’s so weird to think that 6 months ago I was in Australia playing an acoustic version of Grace in the corner of a cafe, background music, absolutely nobody cared. But now there's people spending their own money buying tickets to come and see me, and they're singing my song back to me. It was one of the best feelings of all time going on stage and starting with Clean Me Up (at that point had been out for like a week I think) and immediately hear people joining in. I could literally talk about that gig for hours I'm never forgetting that, thank u to everyone that came.”

It just goes to show how much he appreciates his fans! I asked him about his older songs that he’s posted on different music platforms including “carry on” and “uncultured” and whether they will ever be released on Spotify. Unfortuntely he will not be releasing them on Spotify anytime soon!

“The other songs on Youtube are also ones I like and am proud that other people like too! I don't think I ever plan to release them on actual streaming services though. They're all from a time in which I was finally starting to find "my sound" and know what the kind of music I wanted to create was. Now, like 6 months down the line, I'm so fucking excited for people to hear the songs I'm currently working on. Anyway so that's why I wouldn't release them on Spotify, as much as people really like them and as do I, I'm just so much prouder and more excited for people to see how I've developed and the music I'm making now.”

Following on from this he said “I feel like I've word vomited in this lol I’m sorry!”

Harry Styles

Yes, Harry Styles needs his own heading… From what I had seen from Thomas’ Instagram, he loved Harry. His cardboard cut-out and Harry Merch is just a small sign of how much he loves the guy! When I asked him about his love for Harry this is the instant response I got:

“Dude harry is my BOY! he's another one I've gotten into from my sister. That man is so iconic and inspiring to me. The way you can go from being a boyband teenage pop star to a fully-fledged model, actor, career solo artist and so much more is just incredible. Where he's come from to where he is now to where he is going is something I want to always be apart of, I'm an absolute huge fan and I'm so excited to sit down and properly listen to Fine Line."

Since then Thomas has discussed the “Fine Line” album on his live streams and from a fans perspective he loves the album.


A new decade, a new year.

I tried to get an exclusive for all you Thomas Fans out there on what’s going on next year! And it looks very positive. We are getting more singles for the EP! SO be prepared for more fresh sounding music…

Since you're doing so well at the moment, it can only go up from here! What have you got in store for 2020?

“Lmao this is a great question I genuinely have no clue, should probably have a sit down with Titus and Max about this one. Right now I'm in the middle of releasing my first EP (what Grace and CMU are on), and the second EP is already 'in the works' ! Definitely will be more gigs! I also know I'm playing at least one festival right now. Other than that I'm really not too sure, I don't wanna say specific dates and them be wrong or confirm something that doesn't happen. Honestly though I'd be so happy for things to just keep going the way they are right now, the support gains more and more every day and people are still listening to my music which is mad. If I can play heaps of shows, release more music and meet everyone who's helped in the process then I'm happy!”

Talking about the support, Grace has now surpassed 989,000 streams on Spotify. To Thomas, his fans support is more important than any streams he gets, however it would be great for him to reach 1 million streams.

Grace and Clean Me Up are available to stream now!

Thanks for reading guys and have a happy new year! x

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